WiTi Board
WiTi Board

WiTi Board

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WiTi Board standard package

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SKU: MP000279.

What’s in the box

  • WiTi Board x1
  • [email protected] power adapter x1


  • For bulk order, please contact us by E-Mail ([email protected])
  • Estimated Delivery Date: 2017-07-05

Additional Information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 16 x 10 x 2 cm

Dual [email protected]

Memory Size





Dual Band 2.4G&5G


2 WAN+4 LAN OR 1 WAN+5 LAN depends on OS configuration


2 SATA 3.0 supports 3.5inch HDD
1 USB 3.0
1 Micro SD


30 Expansion Ports(USB 2.0, I2S, JTAG, UART, GPIO)
4 pin serial debug port
RF Antenna Connector



LED Indicator

1 Power,1 SATA, 2 WiFi, 4 LAN

Power Adapter



  1. is@freize.net


    How many antennas comes complete?

    • webmaster@mqmaker.com


      2 antennas. We’ve shipped out your WiTi. When I get the tracking number I will update to you.

  2. fserver51@gmail.com


    I made the booking over a week ago, on pins is not who does not leave that with my order?

  3. potegrant@yahoo.com.tw


    4 wifi connectors -> 2 wifi connectors.
    Does witi-board still support 802.11ac 866mbps?

  4. abhishksharma.er@gmail.com



    I am from India I need 2 boards in Jaipur< Rajasthan, India. How much courier charges do I need to pay.

    Also I need a board or daughter card having ADSL port and optical port for internet connection.
    Thank you.


  5. tinkr@openmailbox.org


    Which SoC is this board based on?

  6. zhouji1992@gmail.com


    Chinese users how to purchase the WITI

  7. insecure993@outlook.com


    Is there any option to install another OS platform ?

  8. webmaster@mqmaker.com


    Only Openwrt available

  9. whotopia@gmail.com


    Are you planning to made more of these boards? Is the project still planned to be actively supported???

  10. webmaster@mqmaker.com


    yes. we will keep producing the board. It’s almost out of store. Due to the Chinese new year, for our next production time is the end of February.

  11. chantal_partlow@gmail.com


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  12. bel_sander@hotmail.com



    Any update on the production/shipment status for the backorders of February 2017? My order is still in the ‘Processing’ status.


  13. bel_sander@hotmail.com


    I just got an update from mqmaker. They are delayed in production and will start production next week. (week of 6th of March).

  14. s.poeggel@gmail.com


    Any News when it will be delivered? Ordered last week and cant wait to get my hands on 😉

    • webmaster@mqmaker.com


      sorry for the delay. The WiTi is being on the production line.

  15. benn@mqmaker.com


    shipped today. tracking number will be update soon.

  16. s.poeggel@gmail.com


    Package arrived today. This was quick. Thanks a lot guys, will try it today. Is it ok to solder the other both wlan ports with connectors, or something I should keep in mind?

  17. fserver51@gmail.com


    Кому интересно есть одна плата в Москве. на этом форуме ник FenickS1

  18. jhawarmanish@gmail.com


    How is the availability currently? Are you shipping to Qatar via DHL/FedEx/Aramex?

  19. armines@gmail.com


    When do you think you can ship next?

    • webmaster@mqmaker.com


      Delivery on July 5

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