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[lakka]Lakka for MIQI

step 1

download the lakka image

step 2

you may need a SD card to flash the image.

first , you may need your sd drive

         sudo dd if=Lakka-Rockchip.MiQi.arm-2.1.img of=/dev/sdb bs=1M

(sdb is my sd card drive)


step 3

1.connect HDMI and Lan

2.short the two ports which in follow picture

3.Plug in the power supply,then you would see:

after 30s ,you have successfully installed Lakka.

step 4

if you want to add a game ,MIQI and your PC must be connected to the same Network. Please use an Ethernet wire or configure the Wi-Fi connection. You also need to enable SAMBA in Settings->Services

Open your File Browser.

In the left column, you should see a Network icon named lakka.And the user @password :root@root.

finnally ,Copy your games under the roms folder,and then go to the last tab with the + icon.Choose the directory to scan. If you added your game directly to the roms folder, then just choose Scan This Directory.

Only MiQi with rk3288w chip works