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Lakka 2.1 RC6 released

Lakka 2.1 RC6 is available for download. It’s a very important update that brings support for a lot of new boards and fixes many compatibility issues.

You can download the builds from


  • Allwinner images: We now have completely new builds for Allwinner boards, based on the mainline kernel and u-boot. With this new project, we can support many new boards with very little efforts. Being based on a recent kernel increase compatibility with newer joypads and dongles. These new images will replace the a10, a20, H3 and Bananapi images.
  • OdroidXU4 update: A kernel and u-boot update fixes the eMMC boot. It also improves TV detection and adds more resolutions. Special thanks to Hardkernel for gifting an XU4 and the new eMMC modules.
  • Kiosk mode: Enabling the kiosk mMoreode will prevent users to access the settings. You can setup a password to disable the kiosk mode. This work is provided by Brunnis.
  • New Rockchip Images for the Tinkerboard, ROCK64 and MiQi boards, using the latest 4.4.96 LTS kernel and mainline 2017.11 u-boot, provided by Ntemis. With future plans to switch to mainline v4.14 LTS.
  • Parallel-N64 emulator with multithreaded Angrylion.
  • Scanning for Gamecube CDs.
  • Minor UI fixes.
  • Core updates.

Known issues

  • DualShock 4 input bugs on some controllers
  • Keyboard input bug on Parallel-N64 on PC
  • Parallel-N64 crashes on PC 32bit
  • Animated background and audio issues in Shared Context mode (with Dolphin)
  • Typing Wi-Fi password with a keyboard on RPi is broken, use a joypad instead

Future plans

  • An Allwinner 64bit project

Installing or upgrading

You can upgrade from Lakka 2.0 or 2.1 by dropping the img.gz into the Update folder and rebooting.

Thank you!