12 Jul

MiQi enters Armian Supported Devices List

Thanks to the efforts of the armbian community, MiQi officially got support from Armbian.

What is Armbian?

  • Lightweight Debian or Ubuntu based distribution specialized for ARM developing boards. Compiled from scratch,
  • It has powerful build and software development tools,
  • A vibrant community.

Common features

  • Debian or Ubuntu based. Compiled from scratch,
  • Install images are reduced to actual data size and resized at first boot,
  • Root password is 1234. You are forced to change this password and create a normal user at first login,
  • Ethernet adapter with DHCP and SSH server ready on default port (22)
  • Wireless adapter with DHCP ready if present but disabled. You can use armbian-config to connect to your router or create AP
  • NAND, SATA, eMMC and USB install script is included (nand-sata-install)
  • Upgrades are done via standard apt-get upgrade method
  • Login script shows: board name with large text, distribution base, kernel version, system load, up time, memory usage, IP address, CPU temp, drive temp, ambient temp from Temper if exits, SD card usage, battery conditions and number of updates to install.


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